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Electrotech 2022 Exhibition


Shansen Enterprises Electrifies Electrotech 2022 Exhibition

We at Shansen Enterprises had the pleasure of participating in the Electrotech 2022 Exhibition, showcasing our diverse range of electrical products from esteemed national and international brands. The event was a fantastic opportunity for us to display our offerings and connect with industry leaders. Here’s a snapshot of our showcased products:

ABB: Reliable Control and Protection

Our ABB collection impressed visitors with:

  • Contactors: Ideal for efficient control in various electrical systems.
  • Contactor Relays: Known for their dependable performance.
  • Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCBs): Essential for safeguarding electrical circuits.

EATON BUSSMANN: Critical Fuse Solutions

Eaton Bussmann’s range captivated attention with:

  • High-Speed Fuses: Perfect for high-speed applications.
  • Fuse Links and Fuse Holders: Ensuring comprehensive protection and functionality.

SECURE: Precision and Accuracy in Monitoring

SECURE brand products stood out for their precision:

  • Digital Panel Meters: Accurate measurement and monitoring.
  • Transducers: Reliable signal conversion for various uses.

EXIDE: Powerful and Reliable Batteries

EXIDE brought a robust lineup of batteries, including:

  • 2-Wheeler and 4-Wheeler Batteries: Providing consistent power.
  • Electrical Locomotive Batteries: Supporting railway systems.
  • Train Lighting and Engine Starting Batteries: Vital for train operations.

Lisha and Leon: Versatile Electrical Accessories

Both Lisha and Leon brands showcased:

  • Switches, Sockets, and Dimmers: Available in a variety of styles and models.
  • Bell Switches and Cover Plates: Blending functionality with design.

SIEBEL ELTRON: Efficient Water Heating Solutions

As the authorized channel partner in Coimbatore District for Siebel Eltron, we featured:

  • Instant and Wall-Mounted Water Heaters: Known for their efficiency and convenience across all models.

Building Connections at Electrotech

Electrotech 2022 was a milestone for Shansen Enterprises. We had the opportunity to demonstrate our wide array of products, engage with new and existing clients, and gather invaluable feedback. The event reinforced our commitment to delivering top-notch electrical solutions and expanding our reach in the industry.

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