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Bussmann Eaton High Speed Square Body Fuse 170M6813D


The Bussmann Eaton High-Speed Square Body Fuse 170M6813D is engineered for superior performance and reliability in high-demand electrical systems. This fuse-link is specially designed to safeguard critical semiconductor devices and power electronics, ensuring they operate within safe parameters by providing rapid and efficient current interruption. It’s a robust solution for environments where quick response and high-speed protection are essential.

Key Specifications

  • Current Rating: 900 A
  • Voltage Rating: AC 690 V
  • Standards: Complies with DIN, IEC, and aR standards
  • Indicators: Equipped with dual indicators for easy status monitoring
  • Construction: Features live gripping lugs for secure connections
  • Design: Square body design for efficient space utilization
  • Part Number: 170M6813D


This high-speed fuse is ideal for:

  • Semiconductor Protection: Ensures sensitive semiconductor components are shielded from overcurrent damage.
  • DC Common Bus Systems: Provides reliable protection in DC common bus configurations.
  • DC Drives: Integral in safeguarding DC drive systems by interrupting fault currents swiftly.
  • Power Converters/Rectifiers: Critical in power converter and rectifier applications where rapid fault response is crucial to maintaining system integrity.

Features and Benefits

High-Speed Protection

The 170M6813D offers exceptional response times, making it ideal for applications where quick disconnection is crucial to prevent damage to sensitive electronic components.

Dual Indicators

This fuse includes dual indicators that offer clear visual cues for operational status, enhancing maintenance efficiency and safety.

Durable Construction

Engineered with live gripping lugs, the fuse ensures a secure and reliable connection in a variety of installation environments, reducing the risk of mechanical failures.

Compliance and Standards

Compliant with DIN, IEC, and aR standards, the Bussmann Eaton High-Speed Square Body Fuse meets rigorous international safety and performance criteria, making it suitable for use in a wide range of applications globally.


Shansen Enterprises, an authorized channel partner and stockist located in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, offers the Bussmann Eaton 170M6813D. Coimbatore, recognized as the second-largest business and industrial city in Tamil Nadu, provides an excellent hub for acquiring advanced electrical components like this high-speed fuse.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What makes the 170M6813D suitable for semiconductor applications?
A: The 170M6813D’s high-speed interruption capability is specifically designed to protect semiconductors by rapidly cutting off overcurrent situations, minimizing the risk of damage.

Q: How do the dual indicators on the fuse function?
A: The dual indicators provide a visual indication of the fuse’s status. One indicator shows when the fuse is intact, while the other reveals if the fuse has operated, simplifying the process of determining whether replacement is needed.

Q: Can the 170M6813D be used in both AC and DC applications?
A: While the fuse is rated for AC 690 V, it is commonly used in DC applications like DC drives and DC common bus systems due to its high-speed protective characteristics.

Q: What standards does the 170M6813D comply with?
A: The 170M6813D complies with DIN, IEC, and aR standards, ensuring it meets high international benchmarks for safety and performance.

Q: How do the live gripping lugs benefit the installation process?
A: The live gripping lugs provide a secure and reliable connection, reducing the risk of disconnection or failure, which is crucial in high-stress electrical environments.

Q: Where can I purchase the 170M6813D?
A: The Bussmann Eaton 170M6813D is available at Shansen Enterprises in Coimbatore. Shansen Enterprises is an authorized channel partner and stockist, providing reliable access to this high-performance fuse.

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