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Bussmann Eaton Series Photovoltaic Fuses PV-4A10F


The Eaton Bussmann series photovoltaic fuses PV-4A10F are expertly crafted to meet the high demands of today’s solar energy systems. These fuses provide top-notch protection for PV installations, ensuring your solar arrays are safe and efficient from overcurrents.

Key Specifications

  • Model Code: 4A 1000V DC SOLAR FERRULE 10x38mm
  • Current Rating: 4 Amperes (A)
  • Voltage Rating: 1000 Volts Direct Current (V DC)
  • Breaking Capacity: 50 kAIC (kilo-Amperes Interrupting Capacity)
  • Type: Non-Indicating
  • Compliance: IEC 60269-6 Type A, Class gPV
  • Time Constant: 1-3 milliseconds (ms)

Design and Dimensions

  • Fuse Body Size: 10 x 38 mm
  • Weight: 9.7 grams
  • Connection Type: Ferrule end x ferrule end

Product Codes

  • UPC: 051712245197
  • EAN: 5027590506250

Certifications and Compliance

  • RoHS Compliant: Meets environmental standards by limiting the use of hazardous substances.
  • CE Marked: Conforms with health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area.
  • CSA Certified: Approved by the Canadian Standards Association, ensuring it meets or exceeds safety and performance requirements.

Application and Use

The PV-4A10F is designed for use in solar power systems, providing strong protection against overcurrents. With a 1000 V DC rating and 4A capacity, it’s perfect for a wide range of photovoltaic applications, from residential solar panels to commercial solar farms. The ferrule design ensures easy installation and secure connections, boosting overall system reliability.