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Eaton Bussmann FWA Series 130Vac (UL), 1000 to 4000A Fuse Links


Superior Protection for High-Speed Applications

When it comes to safeguarding your electrical systems, the Eaton Bussmann FWA Series 130Vac (UL) Fuse Links stand out as a premier choice. Designed for high-speed applications, these North American style flush end fuse links are engineered to provide reliable protection for a variety of DC systems. Let’s delve into the features and benefits of these exceptional fuse links.

Comprehensive Protection for DC Systems

The Eaton Bussmann FWA Series fuse links are specifically crafted to protect DC common bus systems, DC drives, power converters, rectifiers, and reduced voltage starters. Whether you are dealing with industrial machinery, renewable energy systems, or other high-demand applications, these fuse links ensure your equipment remains safe from electrical faults.

High Current Capacity

One of the key features of the Eaton Bussmann FWA Series is its impressive current capacity. Ranging from 1000A to 4000A, these fuse links can handle substantial electrical loads, making them suitable for a wide range of high-power applications. This robust current rating ensures that your systems can operate efficiently without the risk of overload.

Optimal Design for High-Speed Operation

The high-speed operation of these fuse links is a crucial benefit. They are designed to react quickly to electrical faults, minimizing potential damage to your equipment. This rapid response is essential in preventing downtime and maintaining the integrity of your systems.

North American Style Flush End Design

The flush end design of the Eaton Bussmann FWA Series fuse links is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional. This design allows for easy installation and maintenance, ensuring that your electrical systems can be serviced quickly and efficiently. The North American style also ensures compatibility with a wide range of equipment and systems used in the region.

UL Certification for Safety and Reliability

Safety is paramount when it comes to electrical components, and the Eaton Bussmann FWA Series does not disappoint. These fuse links are UL certified, which means they have been rigorously tested and meet the highest standards for safety and reliability. This certification provides peace of mind, knowing that your equipment is protected by a trusted and proven product.

Versatile Applications

The Eaton Bussmann FWA Series fuse links are versatile and can be used in various applications. Whether you are protecting a DC common bus, DC drives, power converters, rectifiers, or reduced voltage starters, these fuse links deliver consistent performance and protection. Their adaptability makes them a valuable addition to any electrical system.

Why Choose Eaton Bussmann FWA Series Fuse Links?

When it comes to protecting your high-speed DC systems, choosing the right fuse link is critical. The Eaton Bussmann FWA Series offers a combination of high current capacity, rapid response time, and reliable protection, making them an ideal choice for a wide range of applications. With their UL certification and North American style flush end design, these fuse links provide both safety and convenience.

Invest in the Eaton Bussmann FWA Series 130Vac (UL) Fuse Links and ensure that your electrical systems are safeguarded with one of the most reliable and high-performing fuse links available on the market today.


Features and Benefits
• Excellent DC performance
• Low arc voltage and low energy let-through (I2t)
• Low watts loss
• Superior cycling capability

Typical Applications
• DC common bus
• DC drives
• Power converters/rectifiers
• Reduced voltage starters

Technical Data

Rated Voltage: 130Vac (UL)
Rated Current: 1000-4000A
Breaking Capacity: 200kA RMS Sym at 130Vac, 50kA at 130Vdc
Standards/Agency Information
CE, UL Recognised on 1000-2000A fuse links.

Dimensions – in

1000-3000A           4000A