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Eaton Bussmann series 160MT 160A 690V AC TYPE T FUSE


The Eaton Bussmann Series 160MT 160A 690V AC Type T Fuse is a high-speed British standard fuse designed for reliable and efficient circuit protection. This single barrel fuse is engineered to handle high current and voltage applications, making it ideal for a wide range of industrial and commercial uses.


  • Current Rating: 160A
  • Voltage Rating:
    • 690 VAC / 350 VDC (IEC)
    • 700 VAC (UL)
  • Class: aR
  • Breaking Capacity:
    • 200 kA RMS Symmetrical
    • 40 kA DC at 350 VDC (IEC)
  • Compatibility: Trip indicator/Microswitch

High-Speed Performance

The Eaton Bussmann Series 160MT fuse is specifically designed for high-speed performance, ensuring quick and reliable interruption of fault currents. This makes it an essential component for protecting sensitive electrical equipment from damage due to overcurrent conditions.


The 160MT fuse is compatible with a variety of trip indicators and microswitches, enhancing its versatility and ease of integration into existing systems.

  • MC-700 Trip Indicator Kit: Includes the indicator and clips, providing a comprehensive solution for monitoring fuse status.
  • TI700 Fuse Indicator: A dedicated fuse indicator that offers clear visual confirmation of fuse operation.
  • MAI Microswitch/Adaptor: Allows for the integration of microswitches for added functionality.
  • MBI Microswitch/Adaptor: Another option for incorporating microswitch capabilities into your system.

Reliable Protection

With a breaking capacity of 200 kA RMS symmetrical and 40 kA DC at 350 VDC (IEC), this fuse provides robust protection for electrical circuits, ensuring safety and preventing potential damage from short circuits and overloads.


The Eaton Bussmann Series 160MT fuse is suitable for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Industrial machinery
  • Power distribution systems
  • Commercial electrical installations
  • Renewable energy systems


The Eaton Bussmann Series 160MT 160A 690V AC Type T Fuse is a high-performance, reliable solution for protecting electrical circuits in demanding environments. Its compatibility with various trip indicators and microswitches, combined with its impressive breaking capacity, makes it an excellent choice for ensuring the safety and efficiency of your electrical systems.

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Product range
Basic function
Field of application
high speed
Rated current [I]
160 A
Rated voltage
AC 690 V
DC 350 V
Construction size
41 x 113 mm
Utilization category
Breaking Capacity
200 kA
usable for size/applications
DC common bus, DC drives, power converters/rectifiers and reduced voltage starters
offset bolted tags
IEC 60269-4
Optional accessories
fuse-holder BH-1133

Additional information

Technical data

Electric engineering, automation, process control engineering / Electrical installation, device / Safety fuse inserts / Low-Voltage HRC fuse (ecl@ss10.0.1-27-14-20-05 [AFZ800015])
Rated current
160 A
Rated voltage
690 V
Voltage type
Rated switching capacity
200 kA
Utilization category
aR (accompanied semiconductor protection)
Type of fuse status indicator
Insulated metal gripping lugs (IMGL)