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Eaton BussmannSeries Low Voltage Cartridge Fuse C14G32


The Power of Precision and Protection

Are you in search of a reliable, high-performance fuse that offers the perfect balance of efficiency and safety? Look no further than the Eaton Bussmann Series Low Voltage Cartridge Fuse C14G32. This isn’t just any fuse; it’s a powerhouse engineered to keep your electrical systems running smoothly and safely.

Product Highlights

🔹 Versatile Compatibility
Designed to fit seamlessly with a CH14 Modular fuse holder, the C14G32 is versatile enough for various applications, ensuring it meets your specific needs.

🔹 Robust Performance
Rated at 500 Volts AC and 32 Amps, this fuse is built to handle demanding electrical loads. Its 120 kA breaking capacity makes it a powerhouse for protecting your circuits from potential overloads and short circuits.

🔹 Superior Safety
Classified under class gG/gL, this fuse provides comprehensive protection for general applications, ensuring your equipment stays safe under various conditions.

🔹 Compact Design
With a 14 x 51 mm cylindrical/ferrule shape, the C14G32 is designed to be compact yet highly effective, making it ideal for space-constrained setups without compromising on performance.

🔹 No Indicator, No Problem
While this model doesn’t include an indicator, its design prioritizes durability and performance, making it a reliable choice for applications where indicator functionality is not essential.

Why Choose Eaton Bussmann Series?

Eaton’s Bussmann series is synonymous with quality and innovation. The C14G32 fuse embodies Eaton’s commitment to delivering products that offer both exceptional performance and peace of mind. Whether you’re protecting industrial machinery or sensitive electronics, this fuse is designed to provide the utmost reliability.

Available at Shansen Enterprises

Head over to Shansen Enterprises in Coimbatore, your authorized dealer, to get your hands on the Eaton Bussmann Series Low Voltage Cartridge Fuse C14G32. Known for their exceptional customer service and product range, Shansen Enterprises is your go-to destination for top-notch electrical solutions.


Q: What type of applications is the C14G32 suitable for?
A: The C14G32 is versatile and ideal for general applications that require reliable overcurrent protection. It’s suitable for industrial equipment, machinery, and various other electrical systems.

Q: Is the C14G32 fuse easy to install?
A: Absolutely! Its cylindrical/ferrule design makes it straightforward to install, especially when paired with a compatible CH14 Modular fuse holder.

Q: What does the class gG/gL rating mean?
A: The class gG/gL rating indicates that this fuse provides full-range protection for general-purpose applications, ensuring it can handle both overloads and short circuits effectively.

Q: Does the C14G32 come with an indicator?
A: No, this model does not have an indicator. It’s designed for simplicity and durability, focusing on providing robust protection without the need for an indicator.

Q: Where can I purchase the C14G32 fuse?
A: You can purchase the Eaton Bussmann Series Low Voltage Cartridge Fuse C14G32 at Shansen Enterprises in Coimbatore, an authorized dealer known for their reliable service and quality products.

Feel free to visit Shansen Enterprises to explore more about the Eaton Bussmann Series Low Voltage Cartridge Fuse C14G32 and other top-tier electrical components.

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