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Elite 440 Multi-line Multi-Function Panel Instrument


Elite 440 Multi-function Panel Meter: Precision, Versatility, and Seamless Integration


The Elite 440 is a state-of-the-art multi-line, three-phase digital panel meter designed to deliver precise and dependable measurements of various electrical parameters including voltage, current, power, and frequency. Engineered for both industrial and commercial applications, the Elite 440 features a large, multi-line backlit LCD display capable of showcasing four parameters simultaneously. With its high accuracy and extensive configurability, this panel meter is an ideal choice for diverse energy monitoring and management needs.

Key Features

  • Large Display: The Elite 440 boasts a large four-line, seven-digit display (9.7 H x 5 W mm) with quadrant identification and a bar graph for real-time power-level indication.
  • High Accuracy: With accuracy classes of 0.2s, 0.5s, and 1.0, this meter ensures precise measurement, crucial for both industrial and commercial settings.
  • Average THD Measurement: Capable of measuring total harmonic distortion (THD) for voltage, current, and power up to the 31st harmonic, ensuring comprehensive power quality analysis.
  • Flexible Measurement Selection: Supports both star and delta configurations, along with 3P 4W or 3P 3W setups.
  • Modbus Communication: Built-in Modbus communication via RS-485 port or Ethernet facilitates easy integration with energy monitoring systems.
  • True RMS Metering: Provides true root-mean-square (RMS) metering for accurate and reliable readings.
  • Calibration LED: Features an LED for on-site accuracy testing, ensuring consistent performance.
  • Configurable Current Range: Supports a wide and configurable current range (1-2A and 5-10A) to accommodate various applications.
  • Auxiliary Power Supply: Suitable for both high-voltage and low-voltage installations, thanks to its wide-range auxiliary power supply.
  • Maximum Demand Recording: Records maximum demand, aiding in efficient energy management.
  • Midnight Snapshot: Captures values for selected energy registers at midnight, enhancing daily monitoring.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Scroll-lock and ‘Favourites Page’ display support for easy access to preferred parameters.
  • Expansion Modules: Enhances system integration with add-on modules for analogue outputs, pulse inputs/outputs, and Ethernet connectivity.
  • Password Protection: Ensures secure setup and configuration with password protection.


The Elite 440 is versatile and suitable for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Commercial and Industrial Sub-metering: Perfect for sub-metering in commercial and industrial environments, aiding in detailed energy consumption analysis.
  • Energy Management Systems (EMS): Integrates seamlessly with EMS for comprehensive energy monitoring and management.
  • Building Management Systems (BMS): Ideal for integration with BMS, ensuring efficient building energy management.
  • Switchgear Panels: Suitable for high, medium, and low-voltage switchgear panels, enhancing electrical system monitoring.
  • Control and Relay Panels: Enhances functionality in control and relay panels.
  • Power Control Centres (PCC): Optimizes monitoring and control in PCC panels.
  • Motor Control Centres (MCC): Provides accurate metering for MCC panels.
  • Plant Automation: Integrates smoothly with plant automation and monitoring systems such as SCADA and DAS.


  • Seamless Integration: Easy interface with external devices through built-in Modbus (RS-485/Ethernet) communication.
  • Hassle-free Installation: Detachable connectors simplify installation and maintenance.
  • Diagnostic Assistance: On-display diagnostics support for easy troubleshooting and maintenance.
  • Versatile Connectivity: Suitable for both star and delta connections, as well as low and high-voltage applications.
  • Cost-effective Monitoring: Provides an economical solution for online energy monitoring.
  • Field Configurability: Easily configurable CT/PT primary and secondary values using intuitive push buttons.

The Elite 440 multi-function panel meter stands out with its high accuracy, configurability, and ease of integration, making it an indispensable tool for modern energy management and monitoring solutions.

Product Brochure



Connection type Common product for HT3/HT4/LT4 applicatio
Measurement voltage range 57.7 V (100V) – 240 V (415 V) AC 3 phase 4 wire (3 phase 3 wire)
Tolerance -30% to +20% of V
Aux power supply range 80 – 300 V AC/DC or 24 – 60 V DC (variant)
Current range Available 1-2A and 5-10 A in single variant (field configurable)
Main frequency 50/60Hz with ±5%
Accuracy Class 0.2s, 0.5s, 1.0
Burden Aux burden: 3.5 VA; 8VA when all modules connected.
Current ckt burden: 1 A – 0.05VA per phase, 5 A – 0.25 VA per phase.
Voltage ckt burden: 0.15 VA per phase.
Short time over current 20 x Imax for 1 sec., 10 x Imax for 3 sec., 7 x Imax for 10 sec.
Standards* IS13779, IS14697, IEC62052-11, IEC62053-21, IEC62053-23, IEC62053-22, IEC61010, IEC62053-31
Dimensions (WXHXD) 96 x 96 x 65 mm (w/o module); 96 x 96 x 110 mm (with module)
Cut out size 92 x 92 mm
Weight 0.5 kg (approx)
Enclosure FRPC
Terminals Combicon connector
Max conductor size 2.5 mm2

Additional information


Commercial and industrial online monitoring systems
LV, MV and HV switchgear panels
Monitoring of electrical parameters in power stations and substations
Plant automation and monitoring system
Wind turbine and photovoltaic generation
Electrical vehicle battery charging stations

Key Featires

Wide-range inputs
Measuring voltage range: three-phase four-wire 57.7/100 V to 240/415 V AC
Measuring voltage range: three-phase three-wire 100 V to 415 V AC
Measuring current range: 1-2A and 5-10 A in single variant (field configurable)
Wide-range auxiliary supply: 80 V to 300 V, AC/DC (optional 24 V to 60 V DC)
Highly configurable
Single product configurable for HV, LV, 3P3W or 3P4W installations
Field-configurable CT/VT primary and secondary values, using push-buttons
High accuracy
Class 0.2 (0.2s for energy)
Class 0.5 (0.5s for energy)
Class 1.0
Advanced four-quadrant energy measurement
Active, reactive and apparent energy, including import and export
Energy recording can be customised to suit specific requirements
Instantaneous values
Extensive range of parameters, including voltage, current, power, power factor, phase angle, energy, frequency and total harmonic distortion (THD)
Root mean square (RMS) measurement
Power Quality
Provides THD values for voltage, current and power up to 31st harmonic
Feeder interruption counter
Power on/off hours (uptime)
Load on/off hours
RS485 Modbus half duplex (default) and data will be available in floating point format (IEEE754)
Optional pulse inputs and outputs
Two digital inputs with voltage range 8 V to 40 V DC
Two digital outputs rated for 100 mA at 230 V AC
Load profile
Configurable logging period: 15, 30 or 60 minutes
Memory capacity example: 40 days for 6 parameters with 30 minute integration period
Calibration LED
Configurable for active, reactive or apparent energy, for on-site calibration of meters