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Lisha Make Special 7 6A/16A-2 In 1 Socket


Discover the Versatility of Lisha Special 7 6A/16A-2 In 1 Socket!

Blend Seamlessly into Your Space

Say goodbye to bulky adapters and mismatched sockets! Introducing the Lisha Special 7 6A/16A-2 In 1 Socket. Designed to integrate effortlessly with any wall, this 2-module socket not only enhances the aesthetics of your space but also offers superior connectivity for all your electrical needs. The Lisha Special 7 is the ideal solution for homes and offices that require both style and functionality.

Key Features

**1. Universal Compatibility:
With its versatile design, the Lisha Special 7 socket can accommodate any plug from around the world. Whether you’re charging a device from Europe, powering equipment from the US, or using a gadget from Asia, this socket has you covered!

**2. Enhanced Safety:
Worried about little fingers or accidental shocks? The built-in safety shutter ensures peace of mind by preventing unintended access to the socket, making it perfect for homes with children.

**3. Dual Amperage Support:
The 6A/16A dual amperage capability means you can safely connect both low and high-power devices without the need for separate sockets. One socket, multiple uses!

**4. Sleek Integration:
Available in a sleek 2-module design, this socket blends seamlessly with your wall, providing a modern and unobtrusive look.

**5. Reliable Voltage:
Operating at 240V, it ensures stable and consistent power for all your connected devices, protecting them from electrical fluctuations.

Why Choose Lisha Special 7?

When it comes to electrical solutions, Lisha is a name synonymous with quality and innovation. The Special 7 socket is crafted to deliver exceptional performance and durability, ensuring that you get the most reliable connectivity for your devices. Plus, its universal compatibility means you’ll never be hunting for adapters again!

Available Now at Shansen Enterprises, Coimbatore!

Visit Shansen Enterprises today to experience the Lisha Special 7 socket in action. As your trusted authorized channel partner of Lisha Switches electrical products, we provide expert guidance and support to help you choose the perfect solutions for your needs. Drop by our store and let our friendly team assist you in finding the best fit for your home or office.


Q1: What devices can I connect to the Lisha Special 7 socket?
A: You can connect a wide range of devices from around the world, including laptops, chargers, home appliances, and more, thanks to its universal compatibility.

Q2: Is the socket safe for homes with children?
A: Absolutely! The built-in safety shutter prevents accidental contact with the socket, making it safe for homes with kids.

Q3: Can I use both 6A and 16A plugs with this socket?
A: Yes, the Lisha Special 7 supports both 6A and 16A plugs, allowing you to connect devices with different power requirements.

Q4: Does the socket work with 240V power supply?
A: Yes, it is designed to work seamlessly with a 240V power supply, ensuring reliable performance.

Q5: Where can I buy the Lisha Special 7 socket?
A: The Lisha Special 7 is available at Shansen Enterprises in Coimbatore. Visit us for the best deals and expert advice on all Lisha Switches products.

Upgrade your connectivity and safety with the Lisha Special 7 6A/16A-2 In 1 Socket today! Visit Shansen Enterprises and make the smart switch.