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Maxchek 400 Demand Controllers

Maxchek 400 is a multifunction panel meter specially designed for controlling electrical maximum demand for commercial and industrial users. Basic and advanced levels of configuration are supported for control and alarm relays. If the predefined demand limit is exceeded, Maxchek 400 generates an alarm signal and can also disconnect non-essential loads sequentially. A large, multi-line LCD panel shows multiple parameters at the same time. Maxcheck 400 is fitted with RS-485 and Ethernet communications ports for connection to external systems.



Electricity supply utilities allow their large consumers a sanctioned load, within which they are expected to operate.  Stiff penalties are imposed on consumers who exceed their demand limit, which can vary on certain days or at particular times. Maxchek 400 enables large electricity consumers to manage their demand effectively. It operates as a predictive maximum demand controller (MDC), providing stage-wise load disconnection and restoration to maximise the use of sanctioned load.

Additional information

Key Points

Monitoring and control of sanctioned electrical maximum demand
Flexible programming selection, with or without automatic load control
Programmable sequential load tripping
Shift-wise demand configuration
Configurable for wide range of applications and wiring types
Power quality measurement
Technical Specification

Accuracy class: 0.2S, 0.5S, 1.0
Measurement voltage range: 57.7V (100V) – 240V (415 V) AC 3 phase 4 wire (3 phase 3 wire)
Auxiliary power supply: 80 V to 300 V AC/DC, or 24 V to 60 V DC
Current range: 1-2A, and 5-10A in single variant (field configurable)
Main frequency: 50/60 Hz, ±5%
Control relays for trip circuit: 3
Relay rating: 2A at 230V AC
Relay type: single-pole, single-throw, normally open
Alarm relay for alarm circuit: 1
Relay rating: 230V AC/DC at 100mA
Relay type: single-pole, single-throw, normally open
Ingress protection: IP 54 (front fascia), IP20 (at terminals)
RS-485: Modbus, baud rate from 1200-38400 bps, half duplex
Ethernet: Modbus TCP protocol, 10/100BASE-T
Load profile storage: 40 days for 6 parameters, with 30 minute-integration period