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RR Kabel Superex FR Flame Retardent Cable 1.0.Sq.mm



The RR Kabel Superex FR Flame Retardant Cable is designed to meet the highest standards of fire and electrical safety. Whether you’re working on residential or commercial infrastructure, this cable ensures peace of mind, making it the ideal choice for environments where safety is paramount.

Compliance and Safety

The Superex FR cable is both 1st Reach and RoHS compliant, showcasing its adherence to international safety standards. Its flame retardant properties ensure that in the unfortunate event of a fire, the propagation of flames is significantly retarded, offering an extra layer of protection.

Technical Data


  • IS 694 marked
  • FIA/TAC approved

Voltage Grade:

  • Suitable for up to and including 1100V


  • Constructed with thin strands of electrolytic copper, which are multi-drawn for uniformity in resistance, dimension, and flexibility. The strands are meticulously twisted to ensure circularity in the conductor, enhancing performance.


  • Features a specially formulated flame retardant PVC insulation. This ensures the cable not only resists the spread of flames but also maintains overall safety.

Insulation Conformity:

  • Complies with IS 5831, Type A/D FR 700°C standards


  • Available in a variety of colors including red, yellow, blue, black, green, grey, and white to meet different wiring needs and preferences.


  • The cables are clearly marked with ‘SUPEREX FR’ for sizes ranging from 1 Sq. mm to 4 Sq. mm, and “RR KABEL FR” for all other sizes, ensuring easy identification.


  • Packed in protective cartons, the standard 90 mtr. coil is available for sizes up to 6 Sq. mm. For larger projects, 180 mtr. project packing is also offered.


You can find the RR Kabel Superex FR Flame Retardant Cable at Shansen Enterprises, your authorized channel partner in Coimbatore. Shansen Enterprises is dedicated to providing full support and guidance to help you select the perfect wires and cables for your specific requirements.