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SECURE Brand Direct connected meter Saral 300


Introducing the SECURE Brand Saral 300

Compact, Accurate, and Reliable

The Saral 300 by SECURE Brand is a top-tier metering solution designed for three-phase direct-connected installations. Whether you need a dependable meter for domestic, industrial, or commercial applications, the Saral 300 is engineered to meet your needs with precision and reliability.

Enhanced Metering Solution

Saral 300 is ideal for the accurate measurement of electrical energy in three-phase four-wire networks. This advanced meter ensures revenue assurance, making it particularly valuable in areas prone to theft and fraud. Its robust design and advanced features make it a standout choice for any metering requirements.

Key Features

Meter Reading Without Mains Power: The Saral 300 allows for meter reading even in the absence of mains power, ensuring continuous data availability.

Integrated Base and Cover: The integrated base and cover enhance the meter’s durability and ease of installation.

Detection of Loose Connections and Tampering: The meter profiles current and temperature to detect loose connections and attempts to tamper with or burn the meter.

Optional BLE Walkby Meter Reading: With the optional Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) feature, meter readings can be conveniently collected by simply walking by the meter.

Light and Compact Design: Its compact size and lightweight design make the Saral 300 easy to handle and install.

Intuitive Display: The intuitive display is easy to read and understand, providing clear and concise information.

Aperture-less Display Actuator: This feature enhances the security and reliability of the meter’s display mechanism.

Benefits of the Saral 300

Revenue Protection: The Saral 300 is designed to protect against tampering and fraud, ensuring accurate billing and revenue protection.

Quality-of-Supply Information: This meter provides essential information on the quality of the electrical supply, helping to manage and maintain optimal power quality.

Peak and Off-Peak Tariff Management: Manage energy costs effectively with peak and off-peak tariff options, allowing for efficient energy consumption.

Stringent Ingress Protection: The Saral 300 is built to withstand harsh outdoor conditions, offering robust ingress protection against environmental factors.

Low Cost of Ownership: With its reliable performance and advanced features, the Saral 300 offers a low cost of ownership, making it a cost-effective choice for any application.

Available at Shansen Enterprises

The SECURE Brand Saral 300 is available at Shansen Enterprises in Coimbatore, an authorized channel partner of SECURE Brand Meters. Get your Saral 300 today and experience the ultimate in metering solutions.

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Connection type 3-phase 4-wire, direct connected
Rated voltage 230/240 V
Impulse withstand 10 kV, 2 Ω setup
Current range 5-30 A/10-60 A/10-100 A
Frequency 50 Hz, ± 5%
Accuracy class Class 1.0
Metrology lamp Two metrological LEDs for active and reactive energy
Voltage circuit 0.32 W/0.6 VA per phase
Current circuit <0.1 VA
Standards IS 13779, IS15959 for ICS and CBIP 325 for magnet
Dimensions (W x H x D) 126 mm x 222 mm x 92 mm
Meter case: LEXAN 143/ 943 or equivalent
Terminal block: LEXAN 500R/equivalent
Weight: 0.78 kg (approx.)
Sealing provision One wire seal and one paper seal between body and terminal block, two on terminal block cover