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SECURE Make Liberty 170 Dual-register Single-phase Switched Electricity Meter


The Liberty 170 is an intelligent, single-phase switched electricity meter designed to offer a comprehensive sub-metering solution. It uniquely provides information on both mains and DG (Diesel Generator) electricity consumption separately, using an innovative technique to detect the supply source without any additional wiring or hardware. Built on a highly reliable and secure metering platform that adheres to international ISO 27001 standards, the Liberty 170 ensures both security and efficiency.

Dual-mode Capability

The Liberty 170 offers dual-mode functionality: pay-as-you-go and accounting mode. The pay-as-you-go mode enables consumers to manage their electricity usage within a pre-set budget, while the accounting mode provides detailed insights into the cost of electricity consumption in a non-prepayment format. This dual capability helps consumers become more aware of their energy usage and costs.

User-friendly Interface

Accompanied by an interactive mobile app and an in-home unit, the Liberty 170 makes it easy for users to monitor their energy usage and consumption patterns. The app displays energy usage in monetary terms, aiding in better budgeting and energy management.

Advanced Vending System

The Liberty 170’s advanced vending system features a flexible architecture that integrates seamlessly with various platforms including POS terminals, electricity suppliers’ web portals, e-wallets, kiosks, and mobile apps. This ensures a smooth and hassle-free experience for both consumers and electricity suppliers.

Key Features

  • Mains and DG Energy Recording: Tracks energy consumption from both mains and DG sources without additional wiring or hardware.
  • Effective Budgeting: Displays monetary consumption for mains and DG energy in both prepay and accounting modes.
  • Increased Transparency: Provides detailed bifurcation of charges, including common area and maintenance fees, enhancing consumer satisfaction.
  • Load Limiting: Ensures adherence to sanctioned load limits for both mains and DG energy, preventing overuse.
  • Upfront Revenue Collection: Ensures complete and efficient revenue collection for electricity suppliers.


  • Single and Dual Supply Source Metering: Suitable for both mains and DG energy sources.
  • Public and Private Industrial Townships: Ideal for large industrial setups.
  • Gated Societies and Residential Apartments: Perfect for residential communities.
  • Small and Medium Commercial Establishments: Tailored for small to medium businesses.
  • Government Establishments: Suitable for public sector use.
  • Sub-metering Nodes: Effective for detailed sub-metering applications.


  • Intuitive Display: User-friendly eight-digit display for easy meter reading.
  • Capacitive Touchpad: Navigate various display parameters with ease using a phone-style touchpad.
  • Environmental Protection: IP54 rating ensures better protection against environmental factors.
  • Ease of Disconnection: Simple disconnection and settlement mechanisms.
  • Emergency Credit Facility: Offers emergency and friendly credit options to manage accounts conveniently.
  • Slab and ToU Tariff Support: Supports slab and Time-of-Use tariffs with customizable seasons and day definitions.
  • Time-based Load Limiting: Helps manage load effectively and prevents electricity misuse.


The SECURE Make Liberty 170 Dual-register Single-phase Switched Electricity Meter is a versatile and intelligent solution for modern energy management needs. With its innovative features, user-friendly interface, and robust security, it ensures efficient energy usage and revenue collection, making it a top choice for both consumers and electricity suppliers.

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Connection type Direct connected
Wiring configuration 3-phase 4-wire
Voltage reference 240/230 V (L-N)
Voltage variation -40% to +30%
Current range 10-100 A
Accuracy Class 1.0
Frequency 50 Hz ±5%
Standards IS 13779, IS 15884, IS 15959
Dimensions (W x H x D) ~ 150 mm x 202 mm x 66.5 mm [with extended terminal cover]
Weight ~ 0.95 kg, 1.05 kg (with Freedom Terminal Adaptor)
Enclosure Engineering plastic
Sealing Sealed for life, additional sealing provision at meter cover
and terminal cover
Ingress protection IP 54
Temperature -10 °C to +60 °C (operating)
-25 °C to +70 °C (storage)
Humidity 95%, non-condensing
Tariff Up to 8 rates (slab or time-of-use) *
Maximum demand register Active and apparent energy for both Mains and DG *
Load survey >250 parameter days with 30-minute integration period and 7 parameters
Energy supported 13 energy parameters (factory configurable) *
Histories 12 historical sets of values
Reading data Details for all the energy charges for all 12 histories
* Separate registers for mains and DG energy
Communications Optical port for local communications,
BLE comms enable remote access for
– Data collection
– Consumer mobile App
– Consumer IHD