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Shansen Enterprises: Authorized Channel Partner of Lisha Brand Products in Coimbatore


Shansen Enterprises proudly stands as an authorized channel partner of Lisha brand products in Coimbatore, offering a wide range of electrical devices to meet all your needs. Lisha is known for its innovative and high-quality electrical switches and accessories, providing solutions that blend functionality with aesthetic appeal. Shansen Enterprises ensures that customers in Coimbatore have access to these superior products, enhancing the safety, convenience, and elegance of their homes and offices.

The Lisha range includes conventional, mini modular, and modular electrical switches and accessories, catering to diverse requirements and preferences. From the visually appealing Special 7 range to the sleek Hotstar series, each product line is designed with precision and style. Whether you need switches, sockets, dimmers, MCBs, or accessories, Lisha offers products that integrate seamlessly with your decor while delivering top-notch performance.

The Special 7 Range: Elegance and Functionality

The Special 7 range is designed to create aesthetically appealing electric products that flatter every type of decor. This line is defined by seven unique features that enhance both beauty and functionality.


Our Special 7 switches are minimally crafted to give your space an essential aura. These switches break the conventional mold by adding a touch of class to contemporary interiors. Re-invent your home with this effortless range of switches, designed to complement modern aesthetics while ensuring smooth performance.


Special 7 sockets blend seamlessly with your walls, providing flawless connectivity. They support one of the fastest charging speeds with a 1.3A USB charger, offering maximum convenience by accommodating any world pin. These sockets are not only functional but also contribute to the overall elegance of your interiors.


Experience luxury and comfort with Special 7 dimmers. Adjust your lights and fans to create the perfect ambiance for any mood. These dimmers allow you to change the atmosphere of your home effortlessly, enhancing both comfort and style.


Safety is paramount, and Special 7 MCBs ensure the well-being of your loved ones with precision and accuracy during electrical emergencies. These MCBs are designed to provide reliable protection, making them an essential component of any electrical setup.


Choose from an extensive range of Special 7 electrical accessories that enhance your interiors. These accessories are crafted to provide comfort and elegance, ensuring that every detail of your home reflects sophistication.

Cover Plates

Captivate your guests with charming interiors using our Special 7 cover plates. Available in various colors, textures, patterns, and designs, these cover plates can meet all your aesthetic requirements, adding the perfect finishing touch to your decor.

The Hotstar Series: Sleek and Innovative

The Hotstar series combines sleek design with high functionality, adding an extra touch to your home interiors. Each product in this series is designed to blend impeccably with your decor while serving its purpose efficiently.


Hotstar switches are known for their sleek and elegant design. They provide smooth functioning and high quality, making them a favorite among homeowners looking to enhance their interiors with stylish and reliable switches.


Often overlooked in home decor, Hotstar sockets are designed to blend seamlessly with your interior design. These sockets offer both functionality and style, ensuring that every aspect of your home is well-coordinated.

Dimmer & Indicator

Customize your living space and save energy with Hotstar dimmers. These devices allow you to set the right mood in any room while regulating the ambiance with ease, offering a tailored, energy-saving style that suits modern living.


Hotstar adaptors are curated with the latest designs and innovations, providing maximum usage and comfort. These accessories not only serve their purpose but also add an additional charm to your interiors.

The Super Mini Modular Series: Charm and Performance

The Super Mini Modular series offers a fine assortment of switches and accessories designed to add unprecedented charm to your interiors. This series combines aesthetic appeal with smooth performance, making it a versatile choice for any home or office.


Choose from our fine assortments of Super switches that are designed to add unprecedented charm to your interiors. Apart from its aesthetic appeal, they are developed for smooth performance.


Our Super sockets have been designed to perfectly complement modern interiors, offering an unobtrusive and sophisticated look totally in keeping with today’s design and function.


Our Super dimmers help you set the mood for a perfect get-together or a relaxing environment. Here are a wide range of dimmers you can choose for your home and office.


Catering to all your requirements, our Super accessories have sturdy construction that ensures smooth operation, reliable performance, and long-lasting service life.

Slimz: Beyond Delight

Slimz is a specially designed modular series that goes beyond delight in its minimalist and sophisticated design. This series is perfect for those looking to add a contemporary touch to their interiors.

Slimz Switches

Minimally crafted to give your space just what it needs, Slimz switches break the conventional tale by reshaping the right amount of class to add to your contemporary interior. Re-invent your home with this effortless Slim Design.

Doorbells: Beyond Melody

Lisha’s doorbells respond to the tunes of rhythm, offering sheer music to your ears. These doorbells are designed to be more than just functional; they add a touch of elegance and charm to your home.


Shansen Enterprises, as an authorized channel partner of Lisha brand products in Coimbatore, offers a diverse and high-quality range of electrical devices. From the aesthetically appealing Special 7 range to the sleek Hotstar series and the charming Super Mini Modular series, Lisha products cater to all your electrical needs while enhancing the elegance of your interiors. With a focus on safety, functionality, and style, Shansen Enterprises ensures that you have access to the best electrical solutions for your home and office.

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