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Eaton15ET 15A 690V AC Type T Fuse


Product Range: Fuse

The Eaton 15ET 15A 690V AC Type T Fuse is part of Eaton’s comprehensive range of high-performance fuses designed to provide reliable protection for various electrical applications.

Basic Function: Fuse-Link

This fuse operates as a fuse-link, a crucial component in electrical circuits that safeguards against overcurrent conditions. It effectively interrupts excessive current flow, preventing potential damage to the electrical system.

Field of Application: High Speed

The Eaton 15ET is designed for high-speed applications, making it ideal for environments where rapid response times are essential to protect sensitive equipment and maintain system integrity.

Rated Current: 15 A

With a rated current of 15 amperes, this fuse offers precise protection, ensuring that your electrical system operates within safe current limits.

Rated Voltage

  • AC Voltage: 690 V
  • DC Voltage: 500 V

These voltage ratings indicate the maximum voltage levels at which the fuse can safely operate, providing versatile protection for both AC and DC systems.

Construction Size: BS88

The fuse conforms to the BS88 construction size, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of electrical systems and fuse holders designed to meet BS88 standards.

Dimensions: 19 x 77 mm

Measuring 19 x 77 mm, the compact size of this fuse allows for easy integration into various electrical panels and enclosures without occupying excessive space.

Utilization Category: aR

The aR utilization category signifies that this fuse is designed for protecting against short-circuit currents, making it suitable for applications requiring high-speed response to overcurrent conditions.

Breaking Capacity: 200 kA

With a breaking capacity of 200 kA, the Eaton 15ET fuse can safely interrupt extremely high fault currents, ensuring robust protection for your electrical infrastructure.

Usable for Size/Applications

This fuse is specifically designed for the protection of:

  • DC Common Bus
  • DC Drives
  • Power Converters/Rectifiers
  • Reduced Voltage Starters

Its versatile application range makes it a reliable choice for safeguarding various critical components in industrial and commercial settings.


The Eaton 15ET fuse complies with the following standards:

  • BS
  • BS88-4
  • IEC 60269-4

These standards ensure that the fuse meets stringent safety and performance criteria, providing peace of mind and reliable protection.

Shape: Offset Bolted Tags

The fuse features offset bolted tags, facilitating secure and stable connections in electrical installations, enhancing overall system reliability.

Optional Accessories: Fuse-Holder BH-0111

For optimal performance and ease of installation, the Eaton 15ET fuse can be paired with the optional BH-0111 fuse-holder, designed to securely house and protect the fuse while ensuring convenient access for maintenance and replacement.

The Eaton 15ET 15A 690V AC Type T Fuse is an essential component for high-speed protection in various electrical applications, offering robust performance, high breaking capacity, and compliance with international standards. Whether protecting DC drives, power converters, or reduced voltage starters, this fuse ensures your electrical systems operate safely and efficiently.



Circuit breakers and fuses (EG000020) / Low Voltage HRC fuse (EC000055)
Electric engineering, automation, process control engineering / Electrical installation, device / Safety fuse inserts / Low-Voltage HRC fuse (ecl@ss10.0.1-27-14-20-05 [AFZ800015])
Construction size
Rated current
15 A
Rated voltage
690 V
Voltage type
Rated switching capacity
200 kA
Utilization category
Type of fuse status indicator
Insulated metal gripping lugs (IMGL)

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