Exide Engine Starting Locomotive Battery 4DS


Large diesel engine starting in railway locomotives is a unique application and it differs greatly from starting engines of small combustion volumes such as cars and trucks. The difference lies in the heavier weight of moving parts and higher resistance of piston motions in cylinders.

While starting a diesel loco engine, the starter battery needs to provide power to perform several pre-start functions such as powering up hydraulic pumps, air compressors, brake systems etc., mandatory for smooth engine starting without any damage to engine components.

As such, battery gets partially discharged before actual cranking of the engine. Robustness of design is therefore of utmost importance for the battery used for diesel engine starting application.

Exide’s Low Maintenance Tubular diesel engine starting batteries of capacities 290, 450 and 500AH are the first choice of Railways due to their unparalleled performance and longevity.