Exide Electric Locomotives and Electrical Multiple Units


The Electric Multiple Units (EMU) are a part and parcel of suburban India and the lifeline for millions of commuters every day. Also, use of Electric Locomotives is increasing with increased railway electrification.

Both EMU Coaches and Electric Locomotives run on the electric power supply available from the overhead grid and power transmitted through the roof-mounted pantograph. To energize the equipment from disconnected situation (when the Loco/ EMU is in Car Shed), independent power supply from a battery is required to lift and connect the pantograph to the grid. Also, in case of an emergency, battery power is used for braking.

The reliability of battery is therefore very important as the starting operation of the equipment depends on it. Exide’s 10V 75 and 90AH Low-maintenance tubular batteries have been the preferred choice of Railways for EMU and Electrical Locomotive applications over the years.