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Leon Brand Switch DSW-16I


Introducing the Leon Brand Switch DSW-16I, a premium 16 A, 1-way switch with an integrated indicator module. Known for its deluxe craftsmanship, this switch embodies elegance and functionality, making it a standout choice for both residential and commercial spaces.

Key Features

1. High-Performance Switching

  • Capacity: The DSW-16I is designed to handle up to 16 Amps, ensuring reliable performance for a variety of electrical applications.
  • 1-Way Operation: Ideal for controlling a single light or device from one location, simplifying installation and use.

2. Integrated Indicator Module

  • User-Friendly: The built-in indicator module provides a visual cue when the switch is activated, enhancing user convenience and safety.
  • Energy Efficiency: The indicator is designed to consume minimal power, ensuring energy efficiency.

Exceptional Design & Aesthetics

1. Polyurethane Inlay

  • Aesthetic Appeal: The unique polyurethane inlay offers a sleek and modern look, seamlessly blending with contemporary interior designs.
  • Scratch & Stain Resistance: This high-quality material resists scratches and stains, maintaining its pristine appearance over time.

Advanced Insulation & Safety

1. Excellent Insulation

  • Safety: The polyurethane inlay not only enhances the switch’s appearance but also provides exceptional insulation, ensuring safety and durability.
  • Thermal Resistance: The material is designed to withstand high temperatures, reducing the risk of electrical fires.

2. Robust Construction

  • Longevity: Built to last, the DSW-16I is crafted from top-grade materials, ensuring long-term performance and minimal maintenance.
  • Reliable Contacts: High-quality internal contacts ensure consistent and reliable operation, reducing wear and tear over time.

Installation & Compatibility

1. Easy Installation

  • Standard Fitting: The switch fits standard electrical boxes, making it easy to install in new builds or as a replacement in existing setups.
  • Clear Instructions: Comes with straightforward installation instructions, allowing for hassle-free setup.

2. Versatile Application

  • Residential Use: Perfect for living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens where style and functionality are paramount.
  • Commercial Use: Suitable for offices, retail spaces, and other commercial environments that require durable and visually appealing electrical components.


The Leon Brand Switch DSW-16I is more than just a switch; it’s a blend of sophisticated design and superior functionality. With its standout polyurethane inlay, robust construction, and industry-leading safety features, it is the ideal choice for anyone looking to enhance their space with a touch of elegance and reliability. Whether for residential or commercial use, this switch sets the benchmark in electrical control.