LMX Exide Train Lighting Battery AC Range


Most Indian Railways coaches (AC/ Non-AC) are Self-Generating (SG) types where the electrical power is derived on a standalone basis from Alternators driven by Axle through V belt drive as long as the coach is moving at maximum full load output (MFO) speed of Alternators. However, when the coach is stationary or moving at lower than MFO speed, the entire coach’s electrical load (including AC load in case of AC coaches) is met by a battery.

The battery is fitted in a battery box underneath the coach. In this application the battery performs in a dusty atmosphere, moderate to high vibration, varying temperatures, restricted time of checking/maintenance and in a continuous charge-discharge mode. It is the ultimate test of performance and life of a battery where reliability is of utmost importance.

Exide, with its full range of batteries for this application starting from 120Ah to 1100Ah capacity – both Low Maintenance (LMLA) and Maintenance-Free (VRLA) types – is one of the largest suppliers to Indian Railways for the Train Lighting and Air Conditioning application.