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MET 1100 VRLA Batteries For Train Lighting and Air Conditioning Of Railway Coaches


Exide’s maintenance free range of VRLA batteries for Railway applications come in 2V single cells assembled in modular racks. These racks are mounted horizontally and can be stacked one above the other. These batteries come in factory-filled charged and ready to use condition.

These special railway application batteries are designed differently from conventional lead-acid batteries in order to provide maintenance free operation envisaging Indian Railway’s extreme hazardous operating conditions. In normal use these batteries will not release Hydrogen & Oxygen gases, will not release acid mist and will not spill acid. Thus these batteries are inherently safer than conventional lead acid batteries.

The VRLA batteries manufactured and supplied by Exide Industries Ltd. conform to ROSO’s specification: RDSO/ PE/ SPEC/ D/TL/ 0009-2008 (Rev1) with amendment No.1 latest amendment (for sealed maintenance free lead acid batteries for Trainlighting and airconditioning coaches).


Maintenance Free VRLA Batteries From Exide

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