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SECURE Brand DPM (Digital panel meters)


Experience precision and reliability with SECURE Brand’s range of Digital Panel Meters (DPMs). Perfect for both industrial and commercial applications, these DPMs are designed to provide accurate measurements of AC and DC parameters, ensuring you have the data you need to maintain optimal performance.


LED and LCD Display Options

Choose between bright LED displays for high visibility or clear LCD displays for detailed information. Both options ensure easy readability.

Reliable and Accurate Measurement

SECURE DPMs offer true RMS measurement for AC parameters, ensuring the highest level of accuracy in your readings.

User-Configurable Alerts

Set alert thresholds for various parameters, allowing you to act promptly and maintain system efficiency.

Unique Pass-Through Mechanism

The innovative pass-through mechanism for current termination simplifies installation and minimizes burden, making the setup process quick and straightforward.

Wide-Range AC/DC Auxiliary Power Supply

With a versatile auxiliary power supply, these DPMs can be used in a variety of installation scenarios, enhancing their adaptability.

High-Level Protection

Enjoy peace of mind with the high protection degree of SECURE DPMs, ensuring durability and safety in various environments.

Display of Minimum and Maximum Values

Monitor your system’s performance with ease by viewing the minimum and maximum values recorded by the DPM.

Touch-Sense Keys

The user-friendly touch-sense keys provide easy access to the display and configuration settings, streamlining the user experience.

Current and Power Demand Monitoring

Stay informed about your current and power demand, helping you manage and optimize energy usage effectively.

Flexible Installation Options

Available in three different panel cut-outs, these DPMs can fit a variety of panel designs, offering flexibility and convenience.

Field Programmable

Easily commission CT/PT and other settings in the field, ensuring your DPM is perfectly configured for your specific needs.

Password Protected Setup Mode

Secure your settings with a password-protected setup mode, preventing unauthorized access and ensuring the integrity of your configurations.

Auto Unit Adjustment

Automatic adjustment for voltage, current, power, and energy units ensures consistent and accurate readings without manual intervention.


  • HV and MV Switchgear Panels: Perfect for high and medium voltage systems, ensuring precise measurement and monitoring.
  • Power Control Centre (PCC) Panels: Ideal for central control of electrical power systems.
  • Motor Control Centre (MCC) Panels: Enhance the management and control of motor functions.
  • LV Distribution Panels: Suitable for low voltage distribution, providing accurate data for efficient system management.


  • Clear Display: Easily readable from a distance, reducing strain and improving efficiency.
  • Quick and Easy Installation: The unique pass-through concept for current termination simplifies the setup process.
  • Versatile Applications: Suitable for different panel applications with field configurability.
  • Flexible Power Input: The wide-range auxiliary input accommodates various installation scenarios.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Touch-sense keys make display access and configuration a breeze.
  • Compact Design: Optimizes panel space usage without compromising functionality.


Available at Shansen Enterprises in Coimbatore, authorized dealers and channel partners for SECURE Brand Products.

Enhance your system’s performance with SECURE Brand Digital Panel Meters, where precision meets reliability.

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Connection type

1 Phase 2 Wire (AC applications)

1 Phase 2 Wire / 3 Phase 3 Wire /

3 Phase 4 Wire



Measuring voltage range

20 V to 500 V

Nominal voltage range

57.5 V to 240 V (phase to neutral) | 100 V to 415 V (phase to phase)

Over voltage

150% Ucontinous



Measuring current range

50 mA to 6 A

Nominal current range (In)

1 A or 5 A


150% Icontinuous

Short time over current

120 A for 1 sec

Active power

Measuring voltage range: 5 V to 500 V Voltage (Un): 57.5 V to 240 V (phase to neutral), 100 V to 415 V ( phase to phase)

Measuring voltage range: 20 V to 500 V Voltage (Un): 57.5 V to 240 V (phase to neutral), 100 V to 415 V ( phase to phase)


Measuring current range: 50 mA to 6 A, Current (In): 1 A or 5 A

Reactive power

As for active power

Power factor

0.1 lag – Unity – 0.1 lead (for Iand Un)

Frequency range

45 to 65 Hz

DC Voltmeter

1 to 250 Vdc

Tolerance: +20% of Vdc


DC Ammeter

Configurable external shunt value:

-150 mV … 0 … +150 mV

Tolerance: +20% for shunt input


Auxiliary supply range

40 to 300 V AC / DC

Accuracy class


Voltage, current

±0.5% FS


±0.1 Hz

Active power

±0.5% FS (at unity PF)

Reactive power

±0.5% FS

Power factor



Class 1.0

(acc. to IEC 62053-21)

DC Voltmeter

±0.2% FS

DC Ammeter

±0.2% FS

Temperature coefficient

Voltage, current: 0.05% / ºC



Voltage circuit

Current circuit

1 A:

Auxiliary supply

Auxiliary supply (with -RS485)

variant only)