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SECURE Brand ProQ View Meter


Power Quality Monitoring and Analysis

Introducing the SECURE Brand ProQ View Meter, the ultimate solution for real-time power quality (PQ) monitoring and analysis. Designed to work seamlessly with the ProQ 100 meter, ProQ View delivers comprehensive data on electrical and power quality parameters, providing a clear picture of your system’s health.

Real-Time Data Analysis

ProQ View offers real-time instantaneous values of energy and power quality parameters, displayed in both graphical and tabular formats. This allows for quick and easy access to vital information, including voltage compliance and harmonic reports. The intuitive, user-friendly dashboards enable you to quickly assess your facility’s PQ status, focusing on the most urgent issues.

Interactive and Intuitive Dashboards

The interactive graphics in ProQ View make it easy to identify the origin of events impacting your equipment. By analyzing comparative trends, you can uncover root causes or identify issues early, allowing for proactive decision-making and actions. Detailed event information helps manage system loads and unexpected behaviors effectively.

Comprehensive Reporting

ProQ View is equipped with robust reporting capabilities. It logs PQ events such as sags, swells, interruptions, and transients, providing detailed information for each event. Compliance reports adhere to international and national power quality standards, including EN 50160, IEEE 519, Zambian ZS 387-1, and specific reports for Oman, Norway, and Finland.

Specialized Functionalities

From the raw data received from ProQ 100, ProQ View provides a wide range of specialized analytics:

  • Monitoring of Real-Time Power Quality Parameters: Stay updated with live data on power quality.
  • Logging of PQ Events: Capture sags, swells, interruptions, and transients with detailed information.
  • Compliance Reports: Generate reports as per international and national standards, ensuring adherence to guidelines.
  • ITIC and Semi F47 Curves: Analyze and compare with industry-standard curves.
  • Waveform/RMS Streaming: Stream voltage and current channel data for in-depth analysis.
  • Supply Quality Indices: Measure and analyze SAIFI, SAIDI, and CAIDI indices for supply quality.

Enhanced Decision Making

Stored data and fault records in ProQ View can be analyzed to detect threshold violations, generating useful reports for quick decision-making and better management. This powerful tool ensures that you are always informed and ready to take action, improving overall system reliability and performance.

Available at Shansen Enterprises

The SECURE Brand ProQ View Meter is available at Shansen Enterprises, Coimbatore, an authorized channel partner for SECURE Brand Meters. Enhance your power quality monitoring and analysis with ProQ View, and ensure your system’s health and efficiency.

Discover the power of real-time monitoring and comprehensive analysis with the SECURE Brand ProQ View Meter, your partner in ensuring optimal power quality and system performance.