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SECURE Brand PT1 Resistance transducer


The SECURE Brand PT1 Resistance Transducer is a highly adaptable and compact solution engineered to cater to the stringent requirements of supply utilities and industrial environments. Designed for precision and efficiency, the PT1 excels in delivering reliable measurements of resistance values, making it an essential tool for monitoring and control applications.

Key Features

  • Best-in-Class Response Time: Experience rapid data acquisition and processing with PT1’s superior response time, ensuring real-time accuracy in dynamic environments.
  • Site-Configurable Inputs and Outputs: Tailor the PT1 to your specific needs with its versatile configuration options. Adjust input and output settings on-site to accommodate various resistance ranges and output curves.
  • Load-Independent Accuracy: Achieve consistent accuracy across all outputs, regardless of load variations, thanks to PT1’s advanced design. This feature ensures reliable performance in diverse operational scenarios.
  • Diagnostic LEDs: Stay informed with built-in diagnostic LEDs that provide instant visual feedback on operational status and performance, enhancing ease of maintenance and troubleshooting.
  • Compact Footprint: Save valuable space with the PT1’s streamlined design. Its compact form factor facilitates easy integration into existing systems without compromising on functionality or performance.


The PT1 is ideal for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Supply Utilities: Ensure efficient and accurate resistance measurement in utility infrastructures, aiding in the management and distribution of resources.
  • Industrial Environments: Enhance monitoring and control processes in industrial settings, where precise resistance measurement is critical for operational success.
  • Control Systems: Integrate PT1 into various control systems requiring dependable resistance data for improved system accuracy and responsiveness.

Technical Specifications

  • Analogue Outputs: Equipped with two load-independent, galvanically-isolated outputs configurable for different resistance ranges.
  • Configuration Options: Allows for on-site customization to suit specific operational needs and resistance measurements.
  • Diagnostic Indicators: Includes diagnostic LEDs for real-time operational feedback.

Why Choose PT1?

The SECURE Brand PT1 Resistance Transducer stands out with its quick response time, load-independent accuracy, and configurable design, making it a top choice for professionals seeking reliability and adaptability in resistance measurement. Its compact size and diagnostic features further enhance its practicality, offering a robust solution for modern industrial and utility applications.


For those in need of a compact yet powerful resistance transducer, the SECURE Brand PT1 offers a best-in-class performance. With its site-configurable options, quick response, and dependable accuracy, the PT1 is designed to meet the complex demands of today’s supply utilities and industrial applications. Choose PT1 for a seamless blend of precision, efficiency, and versatility in your resistance measurement tasks.

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Resistance sensor type
Measuring range 0-100 Ω … 0-14 kΩ
Auxiliary supply
High auxiliary
Nominal voltage range 80 to 276 V AC/DC (±10%) Frequency 50/60 Hz
Maximum burden ≤6 VA, 3 W with one output at 750 Ω
≤7 VA, 3.5 W with two outputs at 750 Ω each
Low auxiliary
Nominal voltage range 24 to 80 V DC (±10%)
Maximum burden ≤3 W with one output at 750 Ω
≤4 W with two outputs 750 Ω each
Analogue outputs Class: 0.2S, or better for measurement range of voltage & current
Output type mA
Maximum load resistance ≤750 Ω for 20 mA
Response time ≤100-220 ms
Ripple <0.4 % peak to peak
Temperature range
Operating range -5 °C to +55 °C
Storage range -25 °C to +70 °C
Usage Group 1