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Exide Batteries For Railway Signalling and Telecommunications


Signalling infrastructure is by far the most critical area of railway movement as major part of railway safety is dependent on the robustness and reliability of the signalling equipment and nothing less than 100% fail-safe mechanism is adopted.

Railway Signalling is a complex arrangement and the most important aspect of the entire scheme is providing continuous power supply to the signalling equipment with continuous robust and reliable power back up.

Battery, therefore, is an integral part of the signalling infrastructure to provide backup power and keep the signalling system operational in case of any interruption/ breakdown in Mains power. To cater to the needs of the application, more often than not signalling batteries are to be installed in rather difficult environmental conditions – remote locations, beside railway tracks under hot and humid ambient conditions, exposed to dust and vibrations etc.

For major part of its network, Indian Railways has its own telecommunication systems to ensure uninterrupted channel of communication for smooth running of its vast logistics operation. This system also uses batteries for backup power.

Needless to mention that the batteries used for S & T application have to have highest degree of reliability.

Exide manufactures and supplies wide range of batteries from 40AH to 500AH – both low maintenance tubular and maintenance-free types to Indian Railways for S & T application. These batteries have a proven track record of long life and best performance.