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SECURE Brand PT3 three-phase single-function transducer


The SECURE Brand PT3 is a compact, high-performance single-function transducer specifically designed to cater to the rigorous demands of supply utilities and industrial applications. With its advanced true-RMS measurement capability and exceptional response time, the PT3 ensures precise and reliable performance in various settings.

Key Features

Best in Class Response Time

The PT3 transducer stands out with its industry-leading response time, providing rapid and accurate measurements essential for real-time monitoring and control in dynamic environments.

Long Range, Site-Configurable Inputs and Outputs

Engineered for flexibility, the PT3 offers extensive input and output configuration options that can be easily adjusted on-site. This feature allows users to tailor the transducer to specific operational requirements, ensuring optimal performance across a broad range of applications.

Load-Independent Accuracy

One of the PT3’s most impressive features is its load-independent accuracy. This ensures that all analogue outputs maintain precise measurements regardless of load variations, making it a reliable choice for critical applications.

Diagnostic LEDs

The inclusion of diagnostic LEDs enhances the PT3’s usability by providing immediate visual feedback on the device’s operational status. This feature simplifies troubleshooting and maintenance, ensuring that any issues can be quickly identified and addressed.

Compact Footprint

Despite its robust capabilities, the PT3 boasts a compact design that facilitates easy installation in space-constrained environments. Its small size does not compromise its functionality, making it an ideal choice for both new installations and retrofits.

Versatility and Application

The SECURE Brand PT3 is designed to meet the specific needs of supply utilities and industrial settings. Its configurable design allows for a wide range of input parameters, input ranges, and output curves, making it versatile enough to handle diverse applications. Whether for power generation, distribution, or industrial automation, the PT3 ensures reliable and accurate performance.


The SECURE Brand PT3 Three-Phase Single-Function Transducer is a state-of-the-art solution for demanding utility and industrial applications. With its best-in-class response time, site-configurable inputs and outputs, load-independent accuracy, diagnostic LEDs, and compact design, the PT3 delivers exceptional performance and reliability. Choose the PT3 for your transducer needs and experience the pinnacle of precision and efficiency.

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AC voltage
Nominal input (Un) 3 x 100 V to 415 V L-L (3-phase 3-wire system)
3 x 57.5 V to 240 V L-N (3-phase 4-wire system)
Measuring range 0 to 130% of U(up to 500 V)
Measurement frequency 50/60 Hz ± 5%
Scale factor 0.8 to 1.3 x Un (up to 500 V)
Burden ≤0.2 VA
Maximum overload voltage 1.3 x Un continuously
2 x Un for 1 s, with up to 10 repetitions at 10 s intervals
Scale factor 0.8 to 1.5 Un
AC current
Nominal input (In) 1A to 5A
Measuring current range 0 to 150% of In
Scale factor 0.6 to 1.5 x In
Burden ≤0.2 VA
Maximum overload current 2 x In continuously
20 x In for 1 s, with up to 10 repetitions at 100 s intervals
Active power /reactive power/ apparent power
Nominal input voltage (Un) 3 x 100 V to 415 V L-L (3-phase 3-wire system)
3 x 57.5 V to 240 V L-N (3-phase 4-wire system)
Input voltage range 0 to 130% of Un (up to 500 V)
Nominal input current (In) 1A to 5A
Input current range 0 to 150% of In
Measurement frequency 50/60 Hz ±5%
Scale factor 0.5 to 1.5 of Un x Iprimary (active power at unity power factor)
0.3 to 1.0 of Un x In primary (reactive power, at reactive power factor >0.8)
Un x In primary (apparent power)